Chapter 4

A/N:  I was suffering the ending effects of food poisoning when I wrote this up.  No title pic this chapter because I really was not able to make one up.

Last time, there were a lot of teen makeover/updates, Ricotta aged up to teen, there was some family time, but as usual, the town proved to be more interesting than the active family and we caught up with the Wolff’s and Frio’s for some fun moments.  Christopher completed his LTW and the prom for the kids sucked.

~~As usual, we have some pop ups from around town to get us started~~

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It’s All Relative

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As mentioned on the About page, I am doing Nirar’s It’s All Relative challenge.  Wisteria Plum Souffle’s goal is to have a descendent related to everyone in Sunset Valley.  I do have a Family Page here.  I will be keeping track of SP’s pairings and offspring, for example:   Claire Ursine and Jared Frio’s offspring will be renamed Ursine-Frio (mother will always be listed first).  I will then cross off both Claire and Jared from the list, and we will start following their daughter Melody Ursine-Frio.  Likewise, Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard have a son.  Those two are crossed off and we are now watching to see who Rodney Wan-Goddard grows up to marry.  If Rodney marries Melody, that would cross off four families from the list.  They are both toddlers, so who knows what will happen in the future.

Wisteria Plum Souffle is a born in game Vinson with a makeover.  I think it’s Marcy from Generation 10.
Her traits are Flirty, Handy, Family Oriented, Irresistible and Artistic.  Her LTW is More than a Machine.

I was given permission a long, long time ago to update a legacy scoresheet, so I will be using that and keeping track of points (hopefully).

Births:  The family will only have two pregnancies per generation.  If neither pregnancy produces a girl, they must keep trying until they get one.  Spares can stay or move out at any time.

Aging has been altered as follows:

Babies: Anytime in the first 24 hours
Toddlers: when all skills are done, plus xylo and pegs.  Books are optional, but there will be an attempt made for them to read.
Children 5 days
Teens 9 days
YA 27 days
Adults 26 days
Elders 7 days.
Total:  80 years old.